Opening hours /

Opening hours
10:00 – 17:00
( Last entry 30minutes before closing )
Wednesdays, except national holidays.
( If Wednesday is a national holiday,
then the following non-holiday weekday will be closed.)
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, mid-January and late February
Please note that the museum has irregular opening days from New Year’s Eve to 6 March 2024.

・Despite it being a Wednesday, it will be open on 3 January 2024.
・In addition to Wednesdays, the museum will be closed on the following days.
31 December 2023
1 January 2024
9-12 January 2024
21 February - 6 March 2024

Thank you for your cooperation.


High School Students or Younger1,100yen
Salon Le DamierAdults800yen
High School Students or Younger400yen
  • Preschool child: free
  • A person with a Physical Disability Certificate: 50% discount.
    Free / discount tickets for the above guests are available at the information desk.
    Museum ticket price includes admssion to the Salon Le Damier.

On entry to the

  • Please leave all luggage except handbags in lockers.
  • Please refrain from bringing umbrellas into the exhibition rooms.
  • Please refrain from taking photographs and video in the exhibition rooms except in authorised areas.
  • Even in areas where photography is permitted, please refrain from using tripods, monopods or selfie sticks, taking continuous shots or close-up shots of the works.
  • Please do not touch the exhibits or display cases.
  • Please refrain from copying or using writing materials in the exhibition rooms.
  • Please refrain from talking on mobile phones in the exhibition rooms.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the museum.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking outside of the designated areas.

Salon Le Damier

Salon Le Damier

The Salon Le Damier (meaning "chequered pattern" in French) is located on the ground floor immediately inside the entrance. This space, filled with soft light pouring in from the courtyard, is normally used for working, resting, and chatting, and is a paid space with a drink service. The salon can be used as a stand-alone space or in combination with an admission ticket to the exhibition room for a reduced fee. The salon, which is small but has 85 seats, also has excellent acoustics and regularly hosts museum concerts with invited professional performers.



For the opening of the museum, a number of original goods with designs of Foujita's works were produced with the full cooperation of the Fondation Foujita in France. From stationery such as postcards, clear files, memo pads, and notepads, to T-shirts, tote bags, and ceramics produced in collaboration with Kyoto Tachikichi, the line-up of original merchandise available exclusively here at the Musée Ando à Karuizawa is impressive, not only for Foujita fans but also for cat lovers.




HARIO CAFE, directly mannaged by HARIO the heatproof glass manufacturer, founded in 1921, produces various heatproof glass items including coffee syphons and tea drippers. It is located within the museum facing onto the courtyard. Here you can enjoy speciality coffee and tea brewed with HARIO utensils. HARIO's products such as coffee syphons and glass accessories, including museum - exclusive designs displayed in the café, are available for purchase.

Opening hours
10:00 – 17:00
31 December ‒ 3 January

Tel: 0267-46-8066